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Report on the company

A full and structured information summary, which gives complete review about clients, debtors or business partners’ financial situation in clear and handy form of report. Report on company also provides with basic data review, as well as solvency and business activities information. Full company report includes data from the Register of Enterprises, VAT register, as well as unique data and products from internal databases of Creditreform Latvijā.

About the product

Full report on company consists of:

  • Register data – official information from Register of Enterprises;
  • Contact information;
  • Risk class and solvency scoring according to CrefoScore;
  • Credit history of the company (in cooperation with Creditreform Latvija);
  • Company management and shareholders;
  • Business activities (according to NACE);
  • VAT payers status;
  • Sample of the full report
  • Information on actual insolvency, liquidation, legal protection proceedings;
  • Participation in other companies;
  • Commercial pledges and security means;
  • Profit/loss account and balance sheet of the company;
  • Financial data analysis.
CrefoScore risk class precisely and clearly defines risk of cooperation on credit terms.

One of the most important components of the report is our unique solvency rating - CrefoScore(?) – an index, showing the probability, at which the company will be unable to pay its debts in the next 12 months. CrefoScore is calculated on a daily basis for every Latvian company, taking into account various factors, such as financial data, credit history and other economical and financial components. Scale from 100 to 600 provides clear representation of actual situation: 100 - very high solvency, 600 - factual insolvency. For your convenience, CrefoScore index is split in ten risk classes and is also displayed as traffic lights, for quicker decision-making. More.

How to use company report?

Concluding small deals on credit terms, report on company is a tool, which gives an opportunity to make quick decisions, without further research and detailed analysis of clients’ financial data.

For more convenient use of the product, CrediWeb user can choose the included information blocks by himself, marking all or specific indicators to be shown – for example, identification information, company management and solvency rating.

Sample of the short report

Registered CrediWeb users free of charge can access short report on the company, which includes:

  • company registration data (name, reg. nr, legal form, registration date, share capital);
  • legal address;
  • management and rights of representation;
  • shareholders;
  • existence of cases registered in credit history of Creditreform Latvija database.