Information about company’s paid taxes in State Budget in year 2020 now available on CrediWeb.


Information about State Revenue Service administered company’s paid taxes in State Budget (also Personal Income Tax and The State Social Insurance Agency Income) can be found in CrediWeb reports, which will help to asses company’s operation during year 2020.

Last year, total payments in State budget amounted to 7.4 bln EUR, where 322 companies comprised 50% of total sum. Excessively, the excise taxpayers have made the largest contributions, and the TOP 3 are fuel traders.

SIA "CIRCLE K LATVIA” is a company that has made the largest contributions to the State budget of 192 mln EUR in 2020, or by 3.6% more than in 2019. The second largest is SIA "NESTE LATVIJA” with 187 mln EUR contributions (an increase by 16%).

The largest personal income tax payments and mandatory state social insurance contributions were made by SIA "RĪGAS AUSTRUMU KLĪNISKĀ UNIVERSITĀTES SLIMNĪCA” 12.4 mln. EUR and accordingly 24.2 mln. EUR.