5 tips how to choose travel agency


In summer nearly every industry, employees are planning their getaways and family vacations!

One of the most popular way to spend vacation is travelling around Latvia or going abroad. Unfortunately, this summer’s weather does not make happy any of us, which is why the most of the people choose to travel abroad where summer has lasted longer.

Planning a vacation abroad can be difficult so it’s best to find a travel agency to guide you from start to finish. Choosing a place to go is easier than choosing a right travel agency. Most often people prefer to choose travel agency basing on previous experience or friends suggestions, or best price offer. In Latvia, we have 826 travel agencies, which offers a wide range of holiday options.We recommend you to read the following tips to make sure that vacation will succeed! Before buying a holiday trip, we suggest you to open CrediWeb report on selected Tourism Company and check following points:

1) Registration date date indicates whether the company is active in the tourism sector for a long time, or founded recently. It is important to check the age of a company, the longer and more successful the company operates in the market, the more trust it can have.

2) Prepayments received from purchasers and accounts payable to suppliers and contractors shows the company's existing liabilities to customers and service providers. Too large amount of liabilities and its increasing periodically can indicate about late payments to business partners, which increases risk that holidays may be delayed or will not be provided at the intended level.

3) Credit history will indicate whether the company have or does not have negative cases in the credit history database of Creditreform Latvija SIA.

4) Presence or absence of tax debts - make sure that the company has not been included in the State Revenue Service (SRS) published list of tax debtors.

5) Travel agency solvency index CrefoScore accurately and clearly shows probability of default.

Avots: CrediWeb.lv