CrediWeb products and services

About CrediWeb

CrediWeb, in cooperation with licenced re-user SIA Crefo Rating, provides online access to information from the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia, providing clients with the most actual information and changes, which are updated along with changes registered in the Register of Enterprises.

What services does CrediWeb offer?
  • Company report – full structured report that provides complete representation, includes the following information blocks:
    • Register data – official information from Register of Enterprises;
    • Contact informations;
    • Risk class and solvency scoring according to CrefoScore;
    • Credit history of the company (in cooperation with Creditreform Latvija);
    • Company management and shareholders;
    • Business activities (according to NACE);
    • VAT payers status;
    • Information on actual insolvency, liquidation, legal protection proceedings;
    • Participation in other companies;
    • Commercial pledges and security means;
    • Profit/loss account and balance sheet of the company;
    • Financial data analysis.
  • Information from the Register of Enterprises is provided under re-use license. Data is updated immediately after changes being registered in the Register of Enterprises.
  • Report on private individual - actual information about person’s participation in company management or shareholders, declared insolvencies or liens.
  • Family tree – an interactive tool, which clearly shows company related persons, list of shareholders and their share in company, as well as company / person’s part in other companies.
  • Monitoring – an online tool for monitoring changes in the companies you are interested in. This tool helps you to timely be aware of changes in company’s activity, therefore giving you better insight in company’s solvency. By choice, you can be informed about the changes in monitoring by receiving e-mail. It is possible to choose which change types are monitored and how often to receive the notifications.
  • Targeted company selection – a tool, which enables to select companies from Register of Enterprises using various sets of criteria, which can serve you as a handy tool to find potential business partners or customers.

Sample of the short report After registration, you will automatically receive free two-week trial period, in order to have an opportunity to try all CrediWeb products. After trial period, all registered users still can access short report on the company, which includes registration data, shareholders and management, as well as information about registered negative cases in Creditreform Latvija credit history database, for free and without any limit. You can use paid CrediWeb products and services buying them apiece, or by activating one of the subscription plans.